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Frequently asked questions

A septic system is something that's often not thought about until it's too late. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help keep your septic system maintained properly for years to come.

What does a septic professional inspect?

He or she will inspect for leaks and examine the scum and sludge layers in your septic tank. At that time further recommendations will be made.

How do I know if my septic system needs to be pumped?

Your septic tank includes a T-shaped outlet preventing sludge and scum from leaving the tank and traveling to the drain fields. Your septic tank needs to be pumped if the bottom scum layer is 6 inches of the bottom outlet OR if the top scum layer is within 12 inches of the outlet.

What do I need to do before having a new septic system installed?

If you are having a new septic system installed you will need to first have a percolation test on your soil, followed by a building permit in the municipality in which you live. Finally you will need to have your septic system installed after determining which system is best for your situation. 

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