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Get Your Septic System Ready For The Winter

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Osage Beach Missouri isn’t exactly known for it’s blizzards and frozen tundra like terrain. When you think of your oasis by the Lake of the Ozarks it’s quite the opposite, but as we all know it does get cold. We saw last year it can even be below freezing for weeks, even without beautiful snow on the ground. That begs the question - you winterize your home, but do you need to winterize your septic system? Keep reading to find out.

Should You Winterize Your Septic System

The answer is yes. When the winter season rolls around septic system installations typically decrease, but septic system emergencies increase. The frozen ground can lead to frozen septic lines, resulting in back ups. The best way to prevent that from happening is planning ahead and winterizing your septic system.

Cold Weather And Your Septic System

So how do cold temperatures affect your septic system? First the temperature outside influences the flow rate and mixing inside your septic tank. Even worse it can affect the good bacteria that your septic system uses to break down waste. Just like humans - that bacteria is less active when it’s colder, which means they process your waste slower than the warmer months. As the temperatures drop it’s vital to keep an eye on your septic system in case the ground around it freezes.

Frozen Septic Lines

If your home, rental property, or cabin has a septic system there are different concerns for each during the winter. If you own a property that’s not used during the cold months chances are you’ve turned on your water fixtures to a slow steady drip to avoid your pipes from freezing over. While that helps the inside of your home it could cause issues with your septic system as it causes ice to accumulate within the septic drain lines. As the ice builds, it can cause blockage leading to a backup. Luckily if you live in your home you won’t have to worry about this as much because the constant use, warm water and even things you put down the drain can help slow the freezing process.

Tips To Winterize Your Septic System

The first thing you can do is some landscaping - but in the middle of winter? Yes! Keeping the grass tall, and even spreading leaves and straw over your septic tank can help insulate your system during the winter. It’s also important to be extra careful about driving over your drain field during the winter months. Avoiding this will make sure that the drain field pipes don’t shift, or even worse break. Also if your property will be closed up for the winter months be sure to cut off the main water supply and drain the water line completely. Finally, make sure your septic tank doesn’t need to be pumped beforehand.

These simple tips can help your septic system run smoothly this winter in Osage Beach, Missouri. If you have any questions about winterizing your septic system this winter, give 1st Choice Septic Pumping a call at 573-280-5052 and we’ll be happy to help!

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