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What Kind Of Septic System Owner Are You?

Like with anything people typically fall into different categories when it comes to their home and home maintenance - and that’s not always a bad thing. What’s important is that you recognize where you need help and where you don’t. Especially when it comes to keeping up with your septic system. To help you find out what kind of septic system owner you are, we've come up with a list. Oh, and don’t worry. We love them all!

The Responsible Scheduler

The first type of septic system owner is typically the most organized. Your tool shed is perfect, you know exactly the function of your septic system and you probably even file your taxes in January. Whenever there is an issue with your septic system you know exactly who to call. You even have regular septic tank pumping and maintenance scheduled years in advance.

The Do It Yourselfer

The second type of septic system owner is the one that likes to do it themself. There’s not a project you can’t handle or a problem you can’t fix. The first sign of an issue with your septic tank you head to Google to find the solution. Next you put on an old pair of clothes and get straight to it. While you may be good at troubleshooting, your limitations come with the equipment that is needed to do the job right. The biggest one? A septic tank pump truck.

The New Homeowner

The final type of septic system owner is most likely a new homeowner and one that hasn’t had a septic system in the past. You’re used to your local municipalities taking care of all utilities - including wastewater. You probably don’t have a full understanding of what your septic system does, where it’s located and the intricacies of it. If you are a new homeowner then you should have a general idea of your septic system, the importance of it and how often your septic tank should be pumped.

At 1st Choice Septic Pumping we help anyone who falls inside these categories and even ones that don’t. The next time you have a question, or issue with your septic system and live in Osage Beach Missouri give us a call at 573-280-5052 and we’ll find the solution for you!

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