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How To Avoid Septic Tank Issues This Holiday Season In The Lake Of The Ozarks

It’s that time of year again. As some would say, the most wonderful time of the year. From Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and various other holidays, your home will be filled with family and friends. While it’s nice to have the college kids home and to see distant relatives, the extra people in your house can be a nightmare for your septic system. Luckily there are a few simple tips to make sure your septic tank doesn’t have a major backup. Keep reading to see how you can avoid a worry free holiday season.

Check your septic tanks pumping schedule

First things first, if you’re planning on having a large number of people over throughout the holiday season make sure your septic tank isn’t overdue for a pump. The frequency of pumping depends on your septic tank size and number of members living in the home. If it’s been a couple of years since your septic tank has been pumped then it’s a good idea to have that taken care of before all of the festivities begin.

Keep your bathroom usage in check

To avoid your drain from backing up it’s a good idea to give at least 10 minutes between showers and baths. This allows the proper time for septic tank to take on the additional water. Also keep in mind what you flush down the toilet. Whether that be a toothbrush your 2 year old niece picks up or those ‘flushable wipes’ that really shouldn’t be flushed no matter what the package says.

Never put grease down the drain

You’re in a rush - you need to drain the turkey and the potatoes are boiling over. The quickest thing may be to pour all that fatty turkey juice down the drain, but you better think again. Any grease, fats or oils from turkey, bacon and other fan favorites gel once they cool down. That means if they find their way down your drain they’ll eventually cause a blockage, leading to a backup. Instead, keep an old jar layered with paper towels to pour any grease into throughout the day. Once you’re finished cooking and cleaning it's as simple as tossing the jar. Trust us, your septic system with thank you.

Don’t lean on your garbage disposal too much

The greatest invention since sliced bread? Maybe not, but the garbage disposal does come in handy more often than not. While it sure can help with clean up it can also wreak havoc on your septic system if not used properly. Before scraping off the leftover plate of potatoes, ham and green bean casserole directly into the kitchen sink, get what you can off your plate into the trash. This will make sure there isn’t an overabundance of scraps going into your septic tank that it can’t break down, avoiding any septic system backups.

Don’t turn your drain field into a parking lot

With so many people parking space may be limited at your home. This can lead to you needing to create a temporary parking lot in your backyard. While that’s ok, it’s important to make sure that these additional vehicles aren’t parked over your drain field. The added weight from the cars can be a costly mistake. It can cause the ground to compact, breaking the underground piping and can even cause the ground to collapse. The last way you want to end your holiday dinner is by discovering damage to your septic drain field, and even worse calling a tow truck to pull your grandma’s car out of a hole.

Follow these simple steps to avoid any unexpected issues with your septic system during the holiday season. If you live around the Lake of the Ozarks and do run into an issue give 1st Choice Septic Pumping a call at 573-280-5052 and we’ll get you taken care of in no time!

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