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Top Tips For New Septic System Owners

You’ve lived with your parents as a kid. Then through college you moved into an apartment, before finally getting a home of your own in the suburbs. After having a nice career you finally have enough to purchase your dream home out in the country, but one thing’s not like the other. While you’ve been used to the city sewage at your parents, in the apartment and home in the suburbs, your dream home has this new thing called a septic system. Before it was simple to flush and wash without a worry, but now it’s time to be more mindful. To make things easier we’ve got a list of tips for new septic system owners to make sure your system continues to run smooth years.

Your Septic Tank Is Your Responsibility, Not The Municipalities

As mentioned before at an apartment, home in the suburbs, or even your parents house you probably didn’t have to worry about septic tank issues. And if you did all you had to do was make a phone call to the utilities department to have them come fix the problem - that is what you pay for after all. However, if your dream home has a septic system you are the one responsible for all aspects of it. If not then you could have some gross and costly mistakes. It’s important to become familiar with where your septic tank is located, how large that tank is, and what it’s pumping schedule is. This will save you a lot of potential headaches down the road.

Not Pumping Your Septic Tank Is Not An Option

We get it - you already have to keep up with HVAC maintenance, yard work, and that new edition you’re building. Is it necessary to add one more piece of maintenance to that list? The answer is YES! Your septic system takes waste from your home, breaks it down naturally, then releases it in a safe way to your drain field. However over time sludge builds up in your septic tank from items that can’t be broken down naturally. This sludge needs to be pumped out on a regular schedule to avoid any backups. This schedule depends on the size of your tank, as well as the size of your household.

Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Cleaned

Cleaned, but wasn’t it just pumped? Yes, however not all septic pumping companies take the time to clean the septic tank after that sludge has been pumped out. There’s also a filter that needs to be cleaned to ensure it remains working properly. Having a reliable septic pumping company that also cleans your septic tank is a must.

Have Your Septic System Inspected Regularly

Just like your car, your septic system needs to be inspected often. That means every time you have your septic system pumped and cleaned, you should also have a full inspection.Things that should be looked for are any leaks, electrical issues, weird odors and proper drainage of your septic system. These inspections allow you to identify any small problems, before they get too big - saving you a lot of money.

Don’t Put Harmful Items Down The Toilet Or Drain

At your previous residence you probably didn’t think twice about what you put down the drain, but you’ll have to think again now that you own a septic system. This includes items like ‘flushable’ wipes, paper towels, drain cleaner, bleach, food scraps and yes even toys. All of these can lead to a back up and can even kill the necessary bacteria that’s needed to ensure your septic system is able to break down waste efficiently.

Do you own a new septic system in Osage Beach Missouri? Give 1st Choice Septic Pumping a call at 573-280-5052 to learn more about septic system care.

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