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What Causes Septic Tank Backups?

You know the feeling, or should we say smell. You’re walking around your backyard or even worse, you’re hosting a backyard party, and you begin to smell something that’s not quite right. That smell is a septic tank backup and can cause damage to more than just your nostrils. It’s a sign that something's not working right with your septic system! So how can you avoid a septic tank backup in Osage Beach Missouri? Keep reading to find out.

The first, and most obvious thing, is that your septic tank is simply too full. Each septic system is designed to do a lot of heavy (and gross) lifting. As it does all this work sludge builds up and sinks to the bottom of your tank. This sludge in your septic tank needs to be pumped out regularly. If not it can cause your tank to backup - causing much worse problems. Getting your septic tank pumped regularly will help avoid that backup.

The next culprit to a backed up septic tank is that the drain field lines are blocked. So how does that happen? Your septic systems drain field is typically located in, well, a field. While there may not be trees planted directly over the drain field, they could be close enough where their roots spread to the pipes. As they get bigger they can cause the drain pipes to bust, which will cause a septic system backup. Keep an eye on where the tree's roots are spreading to avoid any damage.

Speaking of broken drain field pipes, it’s a good idea to stay away from your drainfield when it comes to heavy equipment and machinery. This additional weight can cause your septic tanks pipes to break, not allowing for the proper distribution. So the next time you have a big project make sure you mark where your drain field is located to avoid breaking any pipes..

Bet you didn’t think your garbage disposal could be the issue? Unfortunately that’s often the case and it’s suggested not to use a garbage disposal if you do have a septic system. Why? When you use a garbage disposal left over food and debris that are not fully broken down creates sludge that will eventually build up in the pipe leading from your house to your septic system. It can also cause sludge to build up faster inside your septic tank, which means you’ll need to have it pumped more often. In short put food waste down your kitchen drain - even if you have a garbage disposal.

Finally, your septic system lives off of good bacteria. This bacteria breaks down the waste inside your septic tank, allowing it to be disposed of properly. Harsh chemicals such as drain cleaner and bleach can hurt the natural bacteria, which means it won’t be able to break down the waste properly. If the good bacteria can’t keep up then there’s a good chance your septic tank will back up. So next time you have a clog, or do some heavy cleaning be mindful of what you put down the drain.

So there you have it - some of the many things that cause a septic system backup in the Osage Beach area. Think it’s time for a septic tank pump, or smell something funky in your yard? Give 1st Choice Septic a call at 573-280-5052 and will pinpoint your septic tanks issue!

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