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Your Septic System - To Flush Or Not To Flush

How many times a day do you think your household flushes the toilet? 12 times? 27 times? Well, the average person flushes the toilet 5 times a day which means a family of 4 flushes at least 20 times a day. If you’re not intentional about what you’re flushing you could be putting too much strain on your septic system. No we’re not advocating for less flushing, just more conscious flushing to keep your septic system running properly. Keep reading to find out exactly what we mean.

Don’t Flush The Flushable

‘Flushable’. You see it with baby wipes, sanitary wipes, make-up wipes and many others. The problem is even though these items may be marketed as flushable they’re a terror on your septic system and pipes. Why? Because they don’t disintegrate the same way as standard toilet paper. That means they can easily get stuck, causing blockage and even a backed up septic system. Do yourself and your septic tank a favor by disposing of them in the trash.

Paper Towels And Tissues Are Not The Same

Speaking of things not disintegrating in your septic pipes, there are other household paper products that also should not be put down the toilet. Although paper towels, napkins and tissues are toilet papers long lost cousins they’re very different. These items are more dense than toilet paper, and just like ‘flushable’ wipes they can easily get stuck in your septic systems pipes. It also goes without saying that Q-tips, cotton balls and feminine products should never be put down the toilet either.

Brush Your Hair, Don’t Flush Your Hair

If you look around your bathroom chances are there’s hair everywhere. Hair is slim, sleek and seems relatively harmless - until it’s not. Theoretically these hairs should make their way down your drain relativity easy, however it’s quite the opposite. They stick to sludge and get bunched together which can cause blockage. If that blockage becomes too big it can cause a big issue for your septic system. Play it safe and put any loose hairs straight into the trash.

Avoiding these things and being more intentional about what you flush down the toilet will keep your septic system running efficiently for years, while minimizing any unexpected issues. If you live around The Lake Of The Ozarks and do find yourself with a potential problem give 1st Choice Septic Pumping a call at 573-280-5052 and we’ll help find the solution for you!

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